Eleanor A. O'Rangers, Pharm.D.


Eleanor A. O'Rangers, Pharm.D.
President and CEO
Space Medicine Associates, LLC
(917) 816-7547
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Dr. O'Rangers is a clinical pharmacist by training, with a subspecialization in cardiovascular pharmacology.

Eleanor maintains an active interest in microgravity pharmacokinetics /dynamics and has lectured on the subject.  She has contributed to the National Space Society's publication, Ad Astra, writing on space medicine and pharmacology-related topics. Eleanor has been a guest on "The Space Show", and co-wrote and participated in several "Emergency at Corpates Base" serials which appear on the Travel Medicine Podcast. Most recently, Eleanor has started a podcast entitled, “Space 3D” along with 2 other co-moderators.

Eleanor was invited to participate in the Institute of Medicine Committee to Review NASA's Evidence Reports on Human Health Risks. She served as sub-chair for the Risk of Clinically Relevant Unpredicted Effects of Medicine as part of her committee contributions.

Eleanor edited an issue of the Journal of Pharmacy Practice dedicated to space medicine. She served as an abstract reviewer for the Aerospace Medical Association 88th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Eleanor has organized multiple space medicine program tracks and two space medical emergency simulations for the National Space Society's International Space Development Conference.  She was a Workgroup Leader for Space Medicine Issues and also served as a member of the Space Settlement Health Development Committee for the Society.

Eleanor was a pharmacology member of the Nutrition and Clinical Care Integrated Projects Team at NASA-Johnson Space Center, whose mission was to provide non-agency perspective on pharmacology and nutrition research needs for the U.S. Manned Spaceflight Program.  Eleanor also contributed to development of drug reference monographs for Space Shuttle and International Space Station medications. Eleanor was also invited to serve as an expert panelist for a NASA Exploration Medical Capability Pharmacy Advisory Board.

Eleanor volunteers at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., where she has been a docent since 1995. She considers it a privilege to educate the public on the history of U.S. aviation and spaceflight and is particularly delighted by engaged tour participants, especially children.

Eleanor is President of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving oral histories of those who participated in Cold War-related activities in the SE PA region. For more information, please see:

Eleanor has also served as the sole Civilian Pharmacist Specialist for the Curriculum and Examination Board, U.S. Special Operations Command, Department of Defense since 2003.

In her non-space-faring life, Dr. O'Rangers has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the cardiovascular therapeutic area; currently, she is a medical director/strategist for a number of pharmaceutical industry clients in various therapeutic areas.