Linda M.H. Plush, MSN., CNS/FNP, FRSH


Linda M.H. Plush, MSN., CNS/FNP, FRSH
Vice President
Space Medicine Associates, LLC
(661) 435-1900

Linda Plush is a Family Nurse Practitioner with subspecializations in adult care and nephrology.  In addition to U.S. degrees, Linda is a Fellow in the Royal Society of Health, UK.  She is also a student pilot and a PADI certified open water diver.

Linda maintains an active interest in microgravity and healthcare issues related to living and working in space.  Linda is a LIFE Member of the Aerospace Medical Association.  Linda was a student member of the American Society for Gravitational & Space Biology, while working on her master's thesis on the topic of bedrest and bone demineralization.  Currently, she is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  She also was a Founding President of the Space Nursing Society, a Founding member of the Rogerian Scholars, and a member of Sigma Theta Tau (nurse scientist group). Most recently, Linda has become an advisor to the Moon Society.

She has contributed to the National Space Society's publication, Ad Astra, and the Space Nursing Society's Expanding Horizons, writing on space medicine and related topics.  She has been a topic coordinator for Life Support & Biosphere Science since its founding, and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments.  Linda has presented at the 14th IAA Humans in Space Symposium in Banff, Alberta, Canada, and been a guest speaker on The Space Show.  She has been a co-chair for several space medicine tracks for the National Space Society's International Space Development Conferences.

Linda became the first advanced practice nurse to participate on the Therapeutics and Clinical Care Integrated Product Team at NASA-Johnson Space Center, which lead to her being invited to join the Advanced Project Team at NASA-JSC, which has been involved in telemedicine issues and wound care for long duration space flights.

In addition to her aerospace activities, Linda currently owns a health education consulting business, a mobile acute dialysis team, and is a partner in a chronic out-patient facility, as well as working with local physicians in private practice.